DriveScale provides the only rack scale architecture that enables administrators to bring the full benefit of their scale-out investment to their organization.

For the first time, DriveScale enables organizations to buy commodity compute, storage, and networking resources separately, configure and rebalance ratios of resources optimally, and manage them simply.

The Problem with Scale-Out Architectures

Today, typical scale-out platforms have multiple limitations:

  • Admins can’t respond quickly to changing application stacks and data velocity
  • Admins have to overprovision resources to provide service level guarantees
  • Admins have difficulty taking advantage of more cost efficient commodity platforms

The opportunity cost can be massive when measured against the ability to respond to changing business conditions or accelerate investigations that drive business value.

Developed with breakthrough technology using best practices from previous IT architectures, DriveScale’s rack scale architecture makes all of these problems go away. Now administrators can flexibly deploy and manage independent pools of resources in scale-out.

The DriveScale Solution


Flexibility of Physical Infrastructure

• Get the infrastructure
that is needed
when it is needed
• Repurpose resources on the fly


for Any Scale

• Keep your app stack with
functionality and performance
• Integrate with impunity


Enterprise Class

• Know that it just works
(highly available, secure, reliable)
• Use industry standard
hardware of your choice